Difference Between InnoDB and MyISAM

By: Sunil Kumar |  In: MySQL  |  Last Updated: 2017/09/20

Storage engines are used to read and write data into a database. It is a very crucial design decision which you need to make when designing a database for an application(especially for a data-intensive application). MySQL supports several data storage […]

Essential Sublime Text Plugins for Web Developers

By: Sunil Kumar |  In: Web Developement  |  Last Updated: 2017/09/20

When I started web development, Notepad++ and Dreamweaver were my favourite choices among all the text-editors or IDE available. But I was somehow bored of using them. So I started looking for a new text-editor and I found Sublime. After […]

Generate Captcha Image with PHP [Updated]

By: Sunil Kumar |  In: PHP  |  Last Updated: 2017/09/20

The reason to write this tutorial is to demonstrate how to create captcha image in your application using PHP. By now, we have all encountered captcha images in online forms. Captchas are a necessary evil, and this article will teach […]

Get Started with Git(A version control System)

By: Sunil Kumar |  In: Git  |  Last Updated: 2017/09/20

Version control systems are a category of software tools that help a developer team to manage changes to source code over time. These systems keep track of every modification to the code in every single file. If a mistake is […]

How To Import-Export Mysql/MariaDB Database Command line

By: Sunil Kumar |  In: MySQL  |  Last Updated: 2017/09/20

As a web developer, you must be aware of some basic database operations. There would be a lot of times when you need to import or export a database either you are moving your website from one host to another […]

How to Install and Setup Varnish Cache With Apache on Ubuntu

By: Sunil Kumar |  In: Server  |  Last Updated: 2017/09/20

Varnish is an HTTP caching server which is used to accelerate any web application. Varnish is focused exclusively on HTTP, unlike other proxy servers that often support FTP, SMTP and other network protocols. How does Varnish work For starters, varnish […]

How to Install Git on Linux, Mac and windows

By: Sunil Kumar |  In: Git  |  Last Updated: 2017/09/20

“Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.” Git allows you to keep track of your software at the source level. Before start […]

How to Speed Up Your Website with Browser Cache

By: Sunil Kumar |  In: Website Optimization  |  Last Updated: 2017/09/20

Caching is a memory space where you keep your thing stored. every Browser has its own cache which is used to store data of sites a user visited. So whenever the user visits the same page again instead of calling […]

List of Top PHP Debugging Tool

By: Sunil Kumar |  In: PHP  |  Last Updated: 2017/09/20

PHP is most popular and widely used language for web development and it has some awesome testing tools , documentation tools and code editors but When we talk about debugging into PHP code var_dump(), print_r(), exit(), debug_backtrace() are our best […]

Start Debugging with XDebug and Sublime

By: Sunil Kumar |  In: PHP  |  Last Updated: 2017/09/20

Web programming is not an easy task as there are thousands of scripts are running on the server at the same time. If any fault occurs in any script and you don’t have any idea about the bug/fault It’s going […]

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