How to Stay Motivated for Blogging [ If You are Earning Nothing from It ]

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How to Stay Motivated for Blogging [ If You are Earning Nothing from It ]

In recent years, blogging has become a new phenomenon in the industry. There are millions of bloggers and lacs of are getting added daily.
There are a lot of bloggers who start blogging for their interests. They do it for like 3-4 months and then they are like I am not receiving any traffic on my blog or I am not earning the money I expected from the blogging and they lost their motivation to blogging.
The exact same case happened to me when I was in the initial days of my blogging. I got demotivated now as well. but now I have multiple ways to get my motivation back.
I am going to share the same motivation hacks I use to stay motivated.

Find some time for your blog regularly-

I experienced you give as much time as possible when you start your blog but as time passes you begin to cut down on time.
I used to have a mentality that –
“My blog is not doing great. Let’s start working on something more exciting.”
And I start some other projects and became busier in some other projects.
But then I committed myself to give at least one hour daily to my blog. No matter I am writing a new post or editing an older one. Or sometimes I am just staring at my google analytics (It delights my eyes to seeing the users browsing my blog real-time) or checking stats on Google webmasters. But I was giving at least one hour to my blog, Despite, I am working on some other project or not.
It helped me a lot to keep my interest in my blog in my initial days.

Reading some other blogger success story –

We get inspired directly by the success story of other people when they are working on the same board because we can directly relate their story directly with our story.
You will be needing that boost in starting. Maintain a habit to read some other blogger’s success story. It can be in the form of their income report(That actually inspires me a lot), or it can be how they converted blogging from a part-time job to a full-time job.

Be Active on Community forums –

As a blogger, you must be part of a community forum of your niche such as Quora, Reddit, StackOverflow, and so on.
Community forums are the best tools in your niche for ideas/themes to write about on your blog.
I am personally active on Reddit and StackOverflow (sometimes as well). Community forums are also a good place to build your followers list and share your content with them.
In the beginning, I got a lot of traffic by posting my blog on the Facebook Groups on my site, which eventually made my site rank better in Google. Which motivated me to work steadily on my blog.

Why you started blogging –

Always keep in mind why you started blogging. There can be several different purposes to do blogging. Some people do blogging to document their learning, some to convert blogging to a full-time career, while some people do blogging to share their experience with others or it can be anything else.
However, always keep your objective in mind and set a plan to achieve this objective and imagine the end result when you accomplish the goal.
My goal is to get 50k daily page views by the end of 2022. I have developed a mechanism to achieve that goal such as sharing my content on social media, creating new content regularly, and working on my SEO ranking and many more. I keep on tracking my process weekly and this motivates me to work on my blog.

Compete with other blogs on your niche-

That is my preferred one. Create a list of 4-5 blog your niche and keep track of your performance vs their performance.
I don’t compete with bigger blogs directly. Each month or two, in the web development niche I build a list of 4-5 blogs that is over but not so huge. then I keep an eye on their activity like what they are writing and what they are sharing on social media and compete with them.
I use siteworthtraffic tool to evaluate my performance against my competitors. Of course, there are plenty of other tools but this once is my favorite and it is so simple.
Always keep one thing in mind while selecting your competitor that never select the blog which is far away from your reach because in most of the cases your progress won’t be directly comparable with them and might take a long time to reach there and you can be frustrated by seeing your result as compared to competitors.
So I always suggest selecting your competitor wisely. So that you keep on getting your dose of motivation by overtopping your competitors.

Make daily target –

Make daily/weekly targets in terms of social likes, social shares, and pageviews and do whatever you can do to achieve these goals. When you set daily tiny targets and achieve them you get the satisfaction of achievement.
It is really difficult to get those goals when you’re new to blogging, but when you reach them, you’re more motivated to set higher targets and strive for them.
I create a regular checklist of my blog tasks. This list contains every activity I want to perform for the day. This can be a tiny job, such as posting a blog post on 3 social media sites, or answering two questions about group types or watching two videos on YouTube to boost the blog rankings or some major tasks like updating blog content or writing a new blog post.
You will earn the happiness of success at the end of the day when you strike the task from the checklist.

Plan how you can make money out of it –

Making money from your blog can be a major incentive. find the way you can make money with your blog. It can be displaying ads on your blog or selling some products or using an affiliate program to monetize your blog.

Reward Yourself –

Do not wait for someone else to compensate you for your achievement. Make a habit of reward yourself any time you hit a goal.
You can reward yourself with going for a movie or a visit to somewhere you wished otherwise you can treat yourself with having dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Final Words…

Those practices have helped me in my career as a writer a lot. I’m sure they’ll help you as well. If something is there, you’d like to share with the other bloggers, comment here. I’m glad to add it to this blog post.


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