List of top 20 Most Popular Shared Hosting Services in 2018

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List of top 20 Most Popular Shared Hosting Services in 2018

An ultimately popular service, shared hosting is something which the overwhelming majority of perspective website owners opt for, and there are many reasons for that-
The key reason is undoubtedly its cost-effectiveness: you spend little and get everything you need to run a small to medium business website with more or less predictable traffic.
For businesses that are expected to grow fast (well, every business dreams of becoming an industry giant, but here actual expansion and growth are implied),  shared hosting is not the best solution, as it imposes limitations on how you can develop your project: at some point, the server capabilities of shared hosting will not meet your requirements.
For all the rest who do not require incredible amounts of space and other impressive parameters or just getting started with the business, shared hosting is just the right option.
Choose web hosting wisely!
Choose web hosting wisely!

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However, even if you choose to use shared hosting, it does not mean it should be low-quality.
Response time, uptime, and helpful customer support are what makes a good shared hosting provider.
Below you will find a list of hosting providers that offer such services. The order is random, so it does not mean that the one ranked #1 is actually the best: their performance may vary from month to month, but it remains quite reliable, and all the companies listed are among the industry players with the best offers and reputation around.
When picking the best hosting providers, we used the data available at, which collects information about server performance for the previous month.

NOTE: The prices stated are the ones promoted on their home pages, which means they may well be promotional, and renewal prices may be higher. Always read terms of use carefully, regardless of what company you are going to buy from!

And the Hostcar goes to…

1. SiteGround

One of the industry leaders, SiteGround unfailingly makes it to lists of the best hosting providers around. With over 300 thousand sites hosted, they have a lot to take care of. Snowed under new websites and developing fast, SiteGround somehow manages not to become another bunch of highly populated shared servers providing low-quality services. Instead, they show great results: 99.872 is their worst (!) result for the previous month, and the average response time remains within the 500-600 range.
The abundance of positive reviews and praises on the Internet is so impressive that you cannot help believing them, and technical statistics back the claims. As of this moment, judging from the information available online, it is one of the best shared hosting providers.
Price: from €2.99/mo;

2. InMotionHosting

The number of people using InMotionHosting’s services is increasing, and there are several reasons for it. First, it is affordable. Second, its performance is decent. It is not flawless–say, the uptime of their worst servers dropped to 99.6% last month, but they fixed it relatively fast, and the response time is around 1,100-1,200–but it is still a good company with good reputation and hundreds of positive reviews. You cannot ignore such public approval, and that is why it inevitably got here.
The number of websites they host is nearly 200,000. This California-based company is one the major U.S. industry players, which has been around for fifteen years.
inmotion hosting
Price: from $3.99/mo;

3. GoDaddy

The very name of this company makes its competitors shake in their boots. The same effect is produced on users: some of them are thrilled due to the alluring prices the company sets, others remember issues which sometimes occur regardless of company size. GoDaddy has an unbelievable audience of nearly 4 million (!!!) websites. To keep such an army running, they employ around 12,000 servers.
As to server performance, it is up to the mark, with the worst uptime result being 99.85%, but its response time might be better (~1,145 ms).
Price: from $3.50/mo;

4. HostGator

Do not let the cartoonish blue mascot of HostGator deceive you: it is a serious company and serious business. Over 1,300,000 websites are entrusted to HostGator, and it is telling that it often makes to the top of the-best-this-or-that lists. With more than 6,400 servers at their disposal, they manage to ensure server reliability. The decent (well, to many) uptime of 99.3% at worst and ~1,100 ms of response time make it one of the best options around, given its affordability. Another important factor is the price: HostGator is affordable, and its range of services is not limited to shared hosting only. Well, the latter is true of virtually every hosting company operating in this day and age, so skip this argument. It applies to most companies.
Price: from $2.75/mo;

5. BlueHost

Another overachiever, BlueHost can boast the magnificent uptime of 99.9% at worst (it’s even ridiculous to use the word “worst” in such a context). Its response time could be better (~1,060 ms), but it is not something to lose sleep over.
It is often regarded as one of the most trustworthy providers. Well, you know, it gives you the feeling you have when your mind conjures up images of German or Japanese quality – almost everything about their performance is reportedly perfect, from customer support (well, it may be a little bit slow at times, but it happens to anyone) to server performance to user interface.
Price: from $3.95/mo;

6. A2 Hosting

A company getting a predominantly good press, A2 Hosting offers shared hosting services, as well as other solutions for building an internet presence. Its decent response time of around 900 ms (could have been better but still tolerable) and stability (it rarely drops below 99.8%) make it a quality hosting provider worth recommending.
With over 80,000 sites hosted, A2 Hosting has a lot to offer, and its presence on the list is justified by the abundance of positive reviews available online, as well as by the statistics on its actual performance.
Price: from $3.92/mo;

7. BlueDomino

BlueDomino has everything to be on this list, from extensive experience (their history dates back to 1996) to great server performance; it can definitely be an option to consider. BlueDomino specializes in shared hosting, and while there are extra services, like site management tools, their primary focus is on the field in question. It speaks in their favor as well, as specialization, especially if it is maintained for such a long time, means they prefer to know something inside out rather than being a jack of all trades, master of none.
During the previous month(August 2018), their server performance was flawless: no downtime at all, and the response time of 351 to 558 ms is also an impressive result. Looks like the company is worth trying.
Price: from $5.95/mo (promotional, like all the others below – expect it to rise significantly!).

8. iPage

iPage has quite a long history, as it was founded in 1998. But what makes it special is its unusual combination of peculiarities. It is cheap yet reliable. Pages hosted by it are slow to load but almost always up. Their customer support team is helpful and usually quick to respond but inconsistent.
Like many other EIG companies, it has its flaws–and since it is an EIG company, you cannot expect them to be few–but iPage manages to maintain a good level of services despite having certain disadvantages, which are usually not that crucial – at least they do not prevent the majority of their customers from being satisfied with their services. iPage is worth a try, as it is praised as a good hosting provider with affordable plans and impressive for the price service performance.
Price: from €2.99/mo;

9. FatCow

The first thing that draws your attention when you visit their homepage is the impressive amount of cow- and farm-themed puns per square inch. FatCow has a cute mascot, but it is not their only advantage.
First, it is stability. In the previous three months, its performance has been characterized by consistency and reliability. Second, it is its being wind-powered, free back-ups, and other features. The reviews available suggest that there are problems which should be solved, such as not-so-good customer support, too many upsells, etc., but the overall impression is not that bad, and it is its server performance in the previous months that enables us to list it among the best shared hosting providers.
fatcow hosting
Price: from $4.08/mo;

10. GreenGeeks

As its name suggests, the company prides itself on being eco-friendly. However, it is not the only reason for its being on this list.
GreenGeeks has been around for ten years (it was founded in 2008). It has not become an industry giant yet, but it already offers quite a wide range of services, and shared hosting is one of them. Its performance has been satisfactory, as the uptime remains above the 99% mark (it is widely believed that it is the minimally viable result required to call a hosting provider good). It has recently improved, and July and August saw the figure rise to above 99.9% on average. Their server response time is also within the tolerable range (<950 ms).
Price: from $3.95/mo;

11. HostPapa

Another hosting provider with a not-that-serious name, HostPapa can boast a large number of predominantly positive reviews. Its average server response time is on par with that of many other industry players, and so is their uptime.
The statistics on their server uptime for the previous three months is stained by two days of awful downtime at the beginning of August, when it dropped to 75%, but they seem to have improved their performance since then.
Price: from $3.95/mo;

12. Web Hosting HUB

It is a relatively young company, which was established in 2010. While the reviews found online are mixed, its statistics are something many other hosting providers would envy. Except for occasional drops (which even in such cases are not dramatic: uptime remains above the alluring 99%), their servers are almost always online – though not very fast: their response time varies from 700 to 1200 ms. Still, it is a good option to consider.
Price: from $4.99/mo;

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13. WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad is listed here due to its affordability. This shared hosting is cheap, as it can cost you as little as two dollars a month. However, affordability takes its toll: the uptime is not that good. In became especially evident in August, when the figure dropped from over 99% to 96.9-98.5%. Conversely, the response time is improving: in June, it could reach 1600 ms, and now it is around 800-900 ms. There should be at least one really affordable option here, and WebHostingPad occupies this niche.
Price: from $1.99/mo;

14. Bihira

Cozy as your sofa, Bihira is a small hosting provider owned and run by one person. Despite this fact, it is one of the best companies featured in this list. There are only 3 servers hosting nearly 400 websites, but all of them seem to have found a perfect place to live: the uptime of 100% with very rare drops to 99.9x% and the response time of 400-650 ms make it an excellent option to plump for. Besides, its basic plan starts at only $2.50. The only drawback mentioned by users is that it is difficult for a single person to answer all the questions that may arise. Still, Bihira is definitely worth recommending.
bihira hosting
Price: from $2.50/mo;
The way Bihira’s website looks is another reason to praise the company. Simple yet impressive, with a breathtaking photo

15. Energized I.T.

While the paucity of reviews looks suspicious, Energized I.T. seems to be a company worth relying on in terms of hosting websites. The uptime of 100% (with only 6 days in more than three months falling short of being perfect) and the response time of 300 to 600 ms (they had only one bad hair day with the response time of 1000 ms in three months) are the reason why it is here.
Price: $5.95/mo;

16. WireNine

WireNine is an outstanding hosting provider at least to one reason: it has not had a day with uptime of less than 100% in three months. Can you imagine it? Not a single minute of downtime in 90 days is a rare thing. Combined with the response time of 400 to 800 ms, it makes an impressive result. However, one should remember that their plans imply SSD storage, which affects the price: it does not belong to the category of affordable hosting services.
Price: from $15/mo;

17. ServerPoint

Another hosting provider managing to ensure excellent uptime (100%, 4 bad hair days in three months), ServerPoint enjoys a good press and has everything it takes to be called one of the best hosting companies around. They have been in business since 1998, but they remain a small yet reliable company capable of providing you with hosting services of excellent quality.
Price: from $4.00/mo;

18. CyberUltra

This Singapore-based company has quite an old-fashioned website, but their servers are alive and kicking: they readily join the team of overachievers who managed to keep their servers online for three months with very few insignificant drops (3 imperfect days of 99.5% at worst). Except for the problems detected in May, they have enjoyed the response time of 300-750 ms recently.
Price: $39.95/year;

19. Euro-Space

Welcome to the club: Euro-Space had only 1 non-100%-uptime day in the period in question, which is an amazing result. The response time is not that perfect, but it stays within the range of 600 to 1,400 ms. It is a Sweden-based company taking pride in its honesty and openness, and this message permeates every nook and corner of their website.
Price: from €2.99/mo;

20. BlackNight

One of the best hosting providers according to TrustPilot, BlackNight is characterized by great server performance (servers are up 99.7-99.9% of the time, with a stable response time of 900-930 ms). Hosting over 22,400 websites, BlackNight is well worth the title of one of the best options, as far as choosing a shared hosting provider is concerned.
blacknight hosting
Price: from €4.95/mo;
Their website is not night-themed, which is probably one of the few flaws the company has


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