10 Bad Programming Habits a Programmer Should Leave Right Now

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10 Bad Programming Habits a Programmer Should Leave Right Now

There are some bad programming habits/practices that not let you become really great programmers. Try to avoid these bad habits to be a great programmer.

When it comes to the craft of programming, there are a thousand of bad habits not let you become really great programmers. we tried to think of them and list some of them for you.

There could be more but these 10 bad habits/practices sounded cool for us to mention here. Recognize yours and try to avoid them.

1. I don’t need any Help

Sometimes you stuck in a problem But you don’t want to ask from anyone else because you feel that you should have the solution to the problem. But Remember, No one is perfect in this world.

In developers life sometimes things are more complicated and you don’t know what to do. In this case, you need someone who can help you.

Asking someone for help not only solves your problem but will also save your time too.

If someone close to you unable to solve the problem, there are programming communities all over the place StackOverflow is most popular all of them from where you can seek help.

2. You give up too soon

If you are a programmer or not, If you give up too soon, you are more likely to fail.

Many programmers try a few times to solve a problem and if they can’t they just give up even they are close to the solution. You should avoid that habit if you want to be a good programmer.

3.Not working as a team member

There are a lot of people who are good as an individual but when it comes to the team they don’t fit into. But if you are a developer you must be coordinated with your team members.It will reduce the chances of conflicts in product and will increase the productivity of your team. When you are working with the team you gain more from each other.

4. Over commenting the code

It’s a good habit of commenting your code but sometimes you over comment the code and it messes up all the things.

Just write what problem is solved by this piece of code. don’t too much comment the code. Over commenting will make the understanding more complex.

5. You Don’t Plan Before You Start Coding

A programmer has to deal with different type of problem regularly. Sometimes they are simple and sometimes more mosaic. So before starting coding, you must have a plan how you are going to code for the problem. It will make your understanding better and also save your testing time.

6. I am the Boss

“A leader is admired, a boss is feared.”

If you are a team leader you must behave like a leader, not a boss.

Behaving like a boss will create a boundary between you and your junior developers and they will start hiding things from you. Try to be co-operative with your junior developers.

7. Attend meeting all days

If you have habit of doing meeting all day, there is something wrong. If you have to do meeting decide a fix time or a day for it. It will make your time more productive.

8. You did it wrong

I have seen many people who blame others for any fault. They always try to put the blame on others for the mistake made by them.

As a developer, you should avoid that habit. Make a habit of accepting anything you did whether it is positive or negative. If you are a team leader you should also accept things made wrong by your team members. it will make you more responsible.

9. Not Estimating the Efforts

Before starting any project whether it is small or huge you must have time and resource estimation. If you don’t have the estimation, it will be hard to manage your development process.

10. Copy-and-paste

This has got to be one of the biggest mistakes that people make when programming. They have a question, go on Stack Overflow or some code forum, and then copy-paste the solution directly into their code without thinking.

In this war you will have a solution for your problem but you will not be able to grab the solution. So next time you face the same problem you again need to repeat the same process of copy-pasting.


I strongly believe that every developer is work-in-progress. So it’s totally normal and ok to have bad habits but try to eliminate these bad programming habits/practices to become a good programmer.


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  • #2 is dangerous advice.
    While “to soon” makes it accurate it should be mentioned that sometimes the solution is giving up.
    Personally I find if I’m stuck on something a small break allows my mind to rest and often when I return I’ve come up with a new perspective.
    Scrapping what I have and attacking the problem from a new angle often results in succeeding at the task I was struggling on for potentially hours.

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